REN headshot Dec 13 2015 useIt’s been quite a year – I’m busy writing the second book in my Crossing Realms urban fantasy series, I moved, and I switched from Blogger to WordPress. Oh, and I just got a new head shot taken.

Blogging continues to be a journey, and I’ve covered a range of topics this year including Moby Dick & Melville, meditation, intuition, inspiration, laughter, getting out of your comfort zone, reading, creativity and freelancing. My top post continues to be the one on my best fiction writing resources, with over 3,600 views. I’ve also interviewed a host of authors and editors, as well as my publisher. road-1030888__180

I invite you to revisit some of the posts, and the journey, and share some more about your own year in review. Please share: where has the year taken you? What journeys have you been on?

2015, here’s looking at you!

Rebecca E. Neely is an author of stories filled with romance and suspense, and most recently, an urban fantasy series, Crossing Realms.  In modern day Pittsburgh, the only hope for a clan of human guardians against an enemy draining its life force is a trio of women possessing psychic powers.