wash-1137934__180Spring is replete with many rituals the world over, deeply rooted in cultures and traditions, and the concepts of rebirth, fertility and regeneration. This applies equally to the ritual of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning means many different things to people. With the warmer weather approaching, it’s a wonderful opportunity to air out the house, and clean out the grime that winter has undoubtedly brought in.

But while we’re physically cleaning our spaces, that physical effort can also equate to spiritual cleansing. By cleaning and freshening the spaces in which we live, I believe we honor ourselves as human beings, and thus clean and freshen our energy. By decluttering our spaces, we clear our minds.

Sweeping, washing shaking out carpets, ridding horizontal surfaces of paper piles, and closets of unworn clothes are all part of my cleaning ritual. I love the way Murphy’s Oil Soap smells, and scents the area with citronella long after I’ve cleaned.

In Living a Beautiful Life, author Alexandra Stoddard elevates the concept of every day rituals, background-1239367__180and their importance in our lives. She writes: “Rituals can elevate the way you feel about yourself, your life, and make you more peaceful and more free, more useful to others.”

A deeply honored ritual throughout the ages is to burn sage. Doing so at the end of a cleaning session is often practiced as a way to spiritually cleanse. One of the oldest known methods of cleansing a person or space, the Latin word for sage, ‘Salvia,’ comes from the phrase ‘to heal.’

Burning sage can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Cleansing high traffic areas is recommended, both physical – the kitchen, for example, and mental – a computer workstation. Here’s more specific instructions on the process.

What rituals do you practice in regards to spring cleaning? How do they bring you peace? Please share.

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