worker-635755__180There are many ways to bring positive, calming energy into our spaces, including Feng Shui. I believe the contractor, often an unsung hero, should be included, as they often heal our spaces with their hands.

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, painters, drywallers, HVAC specialists, roofers – all of these contractors possess a special brand of knowledge, talents and abilities. Think about it – where would we be without these amazing people? I firmly believe they contribute to the positive energy in our spaces, every bit as much as what we, the dwellers do to improve that energy.

On a very fundamental level, we need these people to give us form and function, in every aspect of our homes. Think about the last time your electricity went out because of a blown fuse, or you woke up to a sink, leaking all over your floor. What about a washing machine that won’t fill?

Also consider the other end of the spectrum – a set of beautifully crafted shelves, custom made for an odd space in your home, or a properly hung shelf, or picture. What about a newly installed carpet, or a heated stone floor in your bathroom? Contractors give us the gift of not only security, but joy. And that is positive energy at its finest.

The way their brains work never fails to amaze me. Having a boyfriend for a contractor, I’ve often asked him about his ability to ‘just know’ how to do a specific task – whether it’s building or repairing something. He says he can just ‘see’ it in his mind. As a writer, I think that’s often how I envision my stories. I ‘just know’, and I can’t really explain it. I’m both in awe, and envious of what I consider his magical ability to envision a project, or a repair, and make it come to fruition.

I also have incredible respect for the fact, that, at the end of the day, these folks have created something with their hands–something beautiful that will last and give us pleasure, and peace of mind, for many years to come.tool-1314070__180

And that process is just as creative as any artist’s, or craftsman’s. That, truly, is what they are to me.

Please share: How has a contractor positively influenced your life?

Rebecca E. Neely tells stories with a paranormal flair.  Nick Geary is a carpenter in The Keeper, 1st book in the Crossing Realms series. And he’s healing more than homes…The Keeper, Book 1 in the Crossing Realms series, available now on Amazon!