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Are You Catching the Winds of Destiny?

My father taught high school English, in addition to his many talents. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he was able to continue to teach for a short time. During those few months, I would visit him at school, eating lunch with him, offering silent moral support, and sometimes sitting in on his classes. On one such day, the class was studying Edgar Lee Master’s poem, George Gray, from his Spoon River Anthology.

My father is never far from my thoughts, and this came to mind today. As a writer, I’m fascinated by words, and how stories and authors connect my father and I. How appropriate a poem, for all of us, every day. Looking back, I believe with all of my heart that my father caught the winds of his destiny, each and every day. I write this today, to urge myself, and you, to have the determination and spirit to do the same, whatever your calling. Happy Monday!

George Gray by Edgar Lee Master

I have studied many times
The marble which was chiseled for me–
A boat with a furled sail at rest in a harbor.
In truth it pictures not my destination
But my life.
For love was offered me and I shrank from its disillusionment;
Sorrow knocked at my door, but I was afraid;
Ambition called to me, but I dreaded the chances.
Yet all the while I hungered for meaning in my life.
And now I know that we must lift the sail
And catch the winds of destiny
Wherever they drive the boat.
To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,
But life without meaning is the torture
Of restlessness and vague desire–
It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.

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My Top Ten Powerful Posts This Year

img_1875Today, I’m celebrating what I consider the TOP TEN powerful posts on my MYSTICAL MUSINGS blog in 2016. I met and interviewed some fascinating people this year, who graciously allowed me to ask all kinds of questions about their passions and expertise, and I came away from the experiences a more educated, enlightened and learned person. Plus, I had a blast! In other posts, I connected and explored memories and passions of my own. As an author, a writer, a storyteller and a blogger, It’s always an adventure sharing what I’ve learned and discovered with readers, and hearing your comments and feedback. It’s a journey that I want to be on, and I look forward to another great year. Thanks so much for joining me!

What powerful posts have you written, or read this year?

Here’s looking at you! Happy holidays, and Happy New Year!

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Empowered and Encouraged: Visitation Dreams with my Father

divine-light-1296353__180“I’ll always be with you, and you’ll always be with me.”

Those were the last words I know for certain my father heard me say, when his cancer finally started to win the war.

Little did I know how true those words would prove to be.

Several weeks after my father passed, I began to have incredibly vivid dreams about him. In them, he was healthy, as I’d remembered him. Each time I’d awaken, the experience stayed with me, and instead of feeling sad, I felt comforted, relieved, and close to him. In one dream, I could even feel his hand in mine.

I began to realize these were not just dreams, but visitations. My father and I had always been incredibly close, and I realized that hadn’t changed just because he’d passed.

One particular visitation continues to stay with me. That night as I slept, I sat in my childhood home, on the couch in the family room. I was crying. My father sat in his recliner, on the other side of the room. He had never been great at expressing his emotions, and he couldn’t stand to see any of our family upset. He asked me in stern voice why I was crying. I told him how much I missed him. He said, again in a stern voice, “Beckie, I’m here. I’m right here.

And I know he was, and is. I experienced other supernatural goings on, if you will, since that time. Once, I could swear I smelled him, as I sat in church. When something really wonderful happens, I swear I can hear him cheering me on. And if I have a big decision to make, or I’m struggling with parenting, his wisdom, and the things he taught me come to me, stronger than ever, and often, right when I need it.

My father’s death changed my life in a profound way. I lost not only a father, but a friend, a mentor and the one person whose opinion I valued more than anyone else’s.

dove-1218474__180However, his visitations continue to empower me in ways I could never have imagined. They enabled me to have courage, renewed my determination, and strengthened my faith. They also opened my mind to amazing possibilities.

Perhaps the biggest change it gave me the courage to make was leaving a marriage I’d known in my heart was over for some time.

Time had new meaning, and I needed to be the person I knew in my heart and soul I was meant to be. It also rekindled my desire to follow my dream of becoming an author, and I’m thrilled to say that has indeed come true.

Overall, I appreciate, cherish and savor more. I talk less. I listen more. I notice details. I delight in the little things, like clean sheets, hot coffee, a bird’s song. Sunsets. Sunrises. Kissing my daughter’s cheek in the morning when I wake her for school.

Eight years have passed, and I’m grateful, every day, for my father’s visits. They helped me to heal, spiritually and emotionally, to work through my grief, and gave my life new direction. They are one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received, and they continue to bless my life, every single day.

Thanks Dad.

Here’s a great article about the characteristics of a visitation dream, and the ones I experienced fit these to a ‘T’!

PLEASE SHARE: Have you experienced a visitation? How has it affected you or changed you?

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